Investment Protection
The GLOBALINVEST investment platform employs the following tools to ensure the return and safety of investments: REPU transactions, Insurance, and Collateral.
Providing property or a guarantee
In investments, collateral typically means providing some property or a guarantee to protect the investor's interests.
In case of non-fulfillment of obligations
If obligations are not met, the investor can take this property.
Investment insurance provides protection to the investor from losses associated with market condition changes or other risks. The main idea is that the investor can purchase an insurance policy that compensates for investment losses in certain scenarios.
Examples include insuring a portfolio against adverse market price changes, insuring against bond issuer default, or insuring real estate in the portfolio against various risks.
However, it's important to note that investment insurance can be a complex and expensive process, and not all types of investments can be fully insured. Each insurance policy has its terms and limitations, and investors should carefully study these before deciding to insure their portfolio.
REPU Transaction
In a transaction (conditionally called a REPU), up to 80% of the business's stake is transferred to the investor on the condition of returning the acquired stake after the investments are paid off.
Thus, the investor obtains full legal and financial control over the company, including control over the targeted use of funds.
This protective tool is used by us in most cases and has proven its effectiveness.
Founder 50% / Investor 50%
The project founder temporarily transfers 30% of the stake to the investor until the investments are returned.
Founder 20% / Investor 80%
As a result, the investor gains legal and financial control over the company.
Founder 50% / Investor 50%
After the return of investments, the investor returns 30% to the project founder.
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